Yearly thematic tools

2023: Packaging

2023: Packaging

You can also explore the tools developed for the previous thematic focuses.

2022: Circular and Sustainable Textiles

2021: Circular communities

2020: Invisible waste

2019: Waste education and communication: Change your ways, Reduce your waste!

2018: Hazardous Waste Prevention: Time to detox!

2017: Reuse & Repair: Give it a new life!

2016: Packaging waste

2015: Dematerialisation: doing more with less

2014: Stop food waste

2013: Reuse

Communication tools
for action developers

A broad variety of communication tools has been developed in order to help coordinators and action developers to promote and implement actions in the scope of the European Week for Waste Reduction

Tools are free for download!

Tools should be used to promote EWWR actions, the EWWR project or other awareness-raising activities on waste reduction throughout the year.

Our tools are available in: English, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek







Info Materials
Web Tools
Other Tools

Targeted communication toolkits

Since the early beginning of the European Week for Waste Reduction in 2009, more than 100.000 awareness-raising actions on waste prevention have been implemented all over Europe and beyond. Drawing from this extensive experience, the EWWR project partners have developed communication tools for specific target groups. This will help all bodies interested to address these groups more specifically when organising EWWR actions.

The targeted communication toolkits are addressed at four target groups:

  1. Citizens
  2. Schools
  3. Businesses
  4. Public Authorities and NGOs

In addition to this, several internal actions that apply to several categories were been developed.

At the end of the EWWR Life+ project, a complete kit for each of these has been published, consisting of general guidelines for each of the categories as well as of a set of factsheets on specific actions for each category.

These complete toolkits include general guidelines and green tips for all target audiences, as well as several activity sheets.

Transversal actions

Here you will find several examples of actions that you can implement at home, at school or at the office, even if you don’t belong to any specific category of action developer.

Let’s Clean Up Europe tools

All tools for Let’s Clean Up Europe are available to download for everyone interested in taking part.

Start promoting the LCUE 2020 campaign with the communication material below!

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