The Thematic Focus for 2017 addressed one of the easiest but very important ways to prevent waste: reuse with a twist of repair!

Behind this topic is the need to shift from a throw-away attitude towards more appreciation for products and the resources used. In 2017 the EWWR shed light on how easy it is to find value in something you thought had become useless.

Reuse means recovering and reusing products or their components. It includes both preparing for reuse and reuse.
Repair means to put something that is damaged, broken or not working correctly, back into good condition or to make it work again. It means to restore, mend, set right, renovate, recondition, rehabilitate, refit, adjust, regulate, anything that will give a product a new life!

To highlight this topic and to support EWWR action developers to implement actions addressing it, dedicated tools were developed.

Activity sheets

  • Give box
  • Reuse workshop

National networks for reuse and repair:
*Let us know if there are other national pages, we’d be happy to share them here!