Euro-Med Weeks for Waste Reduction

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Euro-Med Weeks for Waste Reduction


We are pleased to announce the 4 winners 🏆 of this year’s Euro-Med Weeks for Waste Reduction competition.

  2. Multi Aid Programs – MAPs 🇱🇧
  3. Recycle Lebanon – TerraPods 🇱🇧
  4. APLM – Protection of Our Sea and Lagoon 🇹🇳

What is the EMWWR?

The Euro-Med Week for Waste Reduction (EMWWR) is a raising-awareness campaign on waste prevention in the Mediterranean region, highly inspired by the consolidated experience and results of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR). The campaign is led by ACR+ and MedWaves, two organisations with a solid network and expertise on circular economy and on the Mediterranean area; and is entirely funded by the EU through the SwitchMed Programme.

The EMWWR contributes to catalyse actual behaviours toward more sustainable consumption and production patterns, aligning to the key objectives of the Euro-pean Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) while reflecting the social, economic, and political specificity the Southern Mediterranean brings about.

The organisation of a Euro-Med Week for Waste Reduction highly contributes to the implementation of the several regional commitments and UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Con-vention, namely: · The Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), including the Regional Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Mediterranean

  • The UNEP/MAP Medium-term Strategy (MTS) for 2022-2027
  • The Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution from Land-Based Sources
  • The set of the regional measures to support the development of green and cir-cular businesses and strengthen the demand for more sustainable products in the Mediterranean prepared by MedWaves and approved by the countries at COP22 in December 2021. In particular, one of the transversal measures (D1) is related to strengthening access to sustainable products and services/sustain-able consumption.

Finally, this initiative will also contribute to the objectives of the Union for the Mediter-ranean’s “2030GreenerMed Agenda” (Towards 2030: Agenda for a Greener Med – Contributing to Achieving the Environmental SDGs in the Mediterranean).

Call for Actions – EMWWR edition 2023

The EMWWR Call for Actions is organised to reward the most outstanding actions carried out during each edition by Action Developers in the South Mediterranean Region. In this 2023 edition, the EMWWR launched a Call for Actions in which different Action Developers were invited to submit Action proposals that mobilise youth (18 to 35 y.o.) in the prevention and treatment of packaging waste and unnecessary packaging in the Southern Mediterranean area.

The aim of the 2023 edition is to:
1. Recognize the work accomplished by public and private stakeholders and by civil society in the waste reduction and recovery field.
2. Raise awareness on waste reduction, product reuse and repair, and material recycling strategies and active regional, national and local policies.
3. Mobilize and encourage citizens (particularly youth from 18 to 35 y.o.) in the Southern Med area in conducting waste prevention and recovery actions.

The Thematic Focus of the 2023 edition is Packaging, in alignment with the EWWR thematic focus.

Winners – EMWWR edition 2023

The 4 winners of this year’s Euro-Med Weeks for Waste Reduction competition are:

  1. INDINYA AROMES AND MORE 🇹🇳A waste reduction program, educational workshops, and the creation of a collaboration platform with local businesses.🌐
  2. Multi Aid Programs – MAPs 🇱🇧Raising awareness about the environmental impact of (Polyethylene terephthalate) PET plastic, reducing PET plastic waste within MAPs areas of intervention, and promoting the recycling of PET plastic water bottles among youth.🌐
  3. Recycle Lebanon – TerraPods 🇱🇧A ground-breaking project that integrates agroecology, bio-design, and the arts to establish a circular future. Through a “Grow, Create, Market” model, it fosters creativity, collaboration, and self-sufficiency, addressing environmental and social challenges.🌐
  4. APLM – Protection of Our Sea and Lagoon 🇹🇳Develops workshops on coastal cleanups, sustainable living practices, the role of women entrepreneurs in the circular economy, and community engagement.


The Call for Actions is addressed to Action Developers legally established in Southern Mediterranean countries and that engage with youth (18 to 35 y.o.) and women in the implementation of waste prevention and treatment actions in the field of Packaging.

The EMWWR Action proposals need to respond to one of the following categories:

  1. Prevent & Reduce: Actions that involve the target in the implementation of actions that highlight the urgency of reducing and preventing the amount of packaging we use, on offering advice on how to avoid or reduce packaging waste and/or on the environmental impact of single-use packaging in the Southern Med area. Example of Eligible Actions: Preparing an awareness-raising campaign at a school, organizing workshops to design packaging with minimal materials, establish refill stations in stores, encourage consumers to buy products in bulk.
  2. Reuse/Repair: Actions that involve the target audience in promoting the reuse of packaging when buying new items; actions that promote delaying the purchase of new packaging by opting for reuse. Example of Eligible Actions: promote programs that encourage consumers to return and reuse packaging such as glass bottles or reusable grocery bags, promote re-usable lunch containers at schools, organize workshops where people can learn to re-use packaging materials.
  3. Recycle/Donate: Actions that involve the target audience in promoting the recycling packaging that can no longer be used and on bringing packaging waste to the appropriate recycling facility. Example of Eligible Actions: Organizing visits to recycling facilities, install recycling bins in parks and public places, develop educational campaigns to inform about the importance of proper separate col-lection.

Who Can Apply?

The Call for Actions is directed and open to Action Developers, a term that refers to different actors with the capacity to implement and promote awareness-raising actions on waste reduction, product reuse and materials recycling within their territories.

In this 2023 edition of the EMWWR, the Call for Actions will be open to Action Developers who are legally established and who respond exclusively to one of the
following categories:

  • NGO/Civil Society Organization
  • Educational Establishment
  • Public Entity

Likewise, in 2023 EMWWR Edition, the Call for Actions will be directed and open to Action Developers that are legally based in one of the following Southern Mediterranean Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

What’s the prize?

A total of 4 vouchers of 2.900 euros each will be awarded to 4 Action Developers (1 voucher per Action Developer) to be selected among the proposals submitted.

The vouchers will be open and granted to the 3 categories of the Call (Prevent & Reduce, Reuse, Collection & Recycle). The vouchers will be granted to cover the diverse costs linked to the implementation of the proposed action, such as marketing, human resources, among others.

Likewise, the awarded Action Developers will be granted the opportunity to attend the EWWR Ceremony to be celebrated in Marseille in May-June 2024, and will be supported with dissemination and information campaigns implemented by the organizers.