Packaging waste represents a major issue in our current consumption lifestyle, especially when this waste is due to the useless ‘over packaging’ of products. Yet, packaging waste reduction does not always require so many efforts and each of us can help to contribute to this task!

Packaging refers to any materials used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods. It has many benefits but in the European Union we are now using a very high amount of packaging. Each of us produces on average 156.92 kg of packaging waste per year, much of which is avoidable. This quantity needs to be reduced!

To highlight this topic and encourage EWWR action developers in implementing actions on this theme, a number of tools were developed.

Factsheets & activity sheets

  • Reusable cups system
  • Reusing packaging
  • Packaging waste diary
  • Water bar – drink tap water!
  • Zero waste lunch

Support documents are available in the archive!

Food for thought
Why is waste reduction important? Discover that and get inspired in our ideas hub.