What can you do for the EWWR 2022? Ideas to reduce the impact of textile waste

This edition of EWWR 2022 is on a roll! Wonderful actions are arriving from different cities and regions in Europe and beyond. With just over a month to go until EWWR 2022 registration closes, we want to give a boost to those who are still hesitating on how to shape an action.

First of all, we would like to remind you that you can register any awareness-raising actions on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, or clean-up. EWWR actions take very different forms. Conferences, contests, information booths, and exhibitions are just some examples. Looking for inspiration? Visit the Ideas’ Hub. As you know, every year the EWWR focuses on a different aspect of waste prevention in order to draw attention to high-impact areas related to our unsustainable consumption habits as a society. Nevertheless, action developers are not forced to refer to the current thematic focus. The action could consider other sectors of waste prevention, always respecting the guidelines of the Participation Charter.

If you are not familiar with the thematic focus of this year, Circular and Sustainable Textiles, we strongly recommend you to visit the thematic page and consult the available materials that will help you to have the first level of understanding on the topic.

Ideas to reduce the impact of textile waste

In September, the EWWR coordinators met online not only to discuss the next steps of the campaign but also to carry out a co-design activity to build together a factsheet on textiles. During our meeting coordinators rowed in the same direction and put together ideas on how to reduce the impact of textile waste through an EWWR action, thanks to a very fruitful brainstorming. They could fill in as many post-it notes as they wanted with suggestions and ideas, dividing them into each of the five EWWR categories.

Screenshot during the brainstorming session

Screenshot during the brainstorming session

As a result, we created a factsheet gathering all the suggestions and ideas of the coordinators to inspire you to organise your own action:

What can you do to reduce the impact of textile waste as

Download the full EWWR Coordinators Brainstorming here.

You are now ready to take part in the European Week for Waste Reduction! Do not wait more and register your action!
The last day to register is 13 November 2022.