Webin@r Training Session 7 – 9 June 2016

The seventh training session was held on 9 June 2016 from 10:30 to 12:30 (CET)

This training session focused on some of the winning awareness-raising actions of the 7th European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) Awards. Participants learned in detail about the best practices for waste prevention, reuse and recycling implemented during the EWWR 2015 in each of the Action Developer categories, from the actual Action Developers! The presentations offered a detailed explanation of participants’ involvement and show how each action was and can be successfully implemented.

The session ended with a discussion and the conclusions.

  • Welcome by Catalan Waste Agency (ARC)

The presentation of the six actions, one for each action developer category:

  • Educational Establishment: Do not throw away your future! – Pumukli (Pumuckl)German Nationality Kindergarten (Hungary). Eszter Tanka.
  • Business: Mes déchets valent de l’Or (My waste is worth gold) – Village Partenaire(Brussels, Belgium) Catherine Alvis.
  • Public Authority: A Tiana reduïm els residus (In Tiana we reduce waste)-Ajuntament de Tiana (Tiana, Catalonia) Olga Llobet.
  • Association/NGO: SharingPlaces (LuogoComune) – Il Formicaio Aps (Lecce, Puglia) Umberto Cataldo.
  • Citizens: Diversifying 2015 – Differenziamoci 2015– Nerina Palazzolo (Palermo, Sicily ) Eleonora Lano.
  • Others: Waste Away – waste reduction week in Wedding (District of Berlin)Projecthouse baumhaus, intercultural community garden himmelbeet and transition town neightborhood initiative WeddingWandler– (Berlin, Germany).Anja Rillcke.
  • Discussion and conclusions