Webin@r Training Session 11: How to set up an EWWR campaign (15 July 2019)

The 11th EWWR training session was held on 15 July 2019 from 11:00 to 12:20 (CET).

This training session focused on tips about how to set up an EWWR campaign and was primarily targeted at EWWR coordinators. During it, Colette Caruana, EWWR coordinator for Malta, and Mireia Padros, EWWR coordinator for Catalonia, shared some of the knowledge they have acquired over the years about (1) how to spread the word about EWWR locally; (2) how to register actions with EWWR; (3) what kind of communications tools to use; and (4) ideas for actions. Additionally, the EWWR Secretariat presented the registration tool on the project website and the interface for coordinators.


Here you can listen to the recording of the training session.