WAITING FOR THE AWARDS | Who is behind the EWWR Awards trophies?

The love for Mother Earth, the passion for reusing abandoned material, and a very talented artist are the perfect ingredients to build the EWWR trophies.

For the second year, Emanuel Sammut, from Malta, has been selected to build the trophies to award the winners of the 2020 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction.

In the Atelier Manuel, the wood is mainly rescued from fire. Emanuel is always in search from left-overs. Everything can be reused and even abandoned wood can have a new life. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to work with recycled wood. Most of the time, the material collected is made of small pieces of wood and it can be quite dangerous. Sometimes, the wood needs to be cleaned, removing nails or screws, which could damage the machinery. The wood with knots and other irregularities are ideal to inspire the creativity of Emanuel. In order to reduce the waste as much as possible, he creates different designs of artifacts, with all sizes, using also the very small pieces of wood.

Atelier Manuel believes that understanding our environment makes us more aware to respect Mother Earth.  The Atelier respects nature and desires that everyone has an enjoyable experience, recycling different materials, encouraging everyone to be creative in an artistic way.

Inspired by nature, the products made with loving hands range from wooden toys, artifacts, home decor, kitchen and office accessories. The finished products are sometimes colorful to reflect our diversity, adding life to this unique, beautiful work.  While the handmade wooden toys drive the imagination of children and keep little hands busy away from using plastic and batteries.

Take the chance to discover the story and the work of Atelier Manuel.

Join us during the EWWR 2020 Awards Ceremony to see the trophies of this edition, made of recycled Alder and American Walnut and meet the 2020 EWWR winners!