WAITING FOR THE AWARDS | The finalists of the citizen(s) category

Let’s discover the three finalists of the citizen(s) category! Almost there!

  • Bye Bye Plastik Sylt implemented by Bye Bye Plastik Sylt Citizens

Bye Bye Plastik Sylt is a community-based initiative that aims at reducing plastic use and plastic waste by inspiring private actors and businesses through sensitization and information campaigns, sharing of ideas and solutions to minimise plastic use, waste collection activities, providing informal certifications through a Bye Bye Plastik sticker to businesses that use plastic substitutes.

During the European Week for Waste Reduction, Bye Bye Plastik mobilised the Sylt population to shop (almost) plastic-free. All citizens were challenged to avoid purchasing items packaged in plastic for one full week and participate in a raffle that distributed 10 Sylt Buddles (bottles) designed by a local artist and stand-up paddle world champion, Sonni Hönscheid. To facilitate the process of shopping almost plastic-free, Bye Bye Plastik shared some simple tips to accomplish the mission and challenged citizen to join in this small, but relevant effort.

Read the article on the challenge (in German).


  • TOYS STORIES: Re-have fun!   implemented by Teresa Monguilod Villa

Teresa is a 10 years old girl who has developed a project called Toy Stories: Re-have fun!

Teresa loves toys and play with them, as any child of her age. She used to watch YouTube videos about brand new colorful plastic toys. She could not have all of them and she enjoys creating things, so she first thought about designing her own toys. Firstly, she started collecting waste materials at home and she realized that the most important thing she needed was IMAGINATION.

Reusing every kind of material (cartons, cans, packets and packages, trays, corks, screw tops, tubs…) she created her own toys, having fun twice: while making them and when she played with them.

In addition, she has filmed a tutorial video for each toy created, where she explains the materials used for it and how to create these toys. Then, in order to share her idea and have fun with more children, she created a Blog with her family.

Check Teresa’s blog (in Spanish).


  • Village of Climate Elves implemented by Ildikó Szabó Bozókiné

The aim of the “Village of Climate Elves” program was to achieve a change of attitude in children, addressing all ages, in order to protect the climate, providing a wide range of knowledge on this topic. Mr Bozókiné prepared a booklet containing the tasks of the Climate Elves: each day of the EWWR, an activity related to waste prevention was presented to children and their families. During the joint activities, the children learned to feel the joy of thinking together and to develop their expression, problem-solving skills as well as way of thinking.

The activities involved parents, children, grandparents, museum educators and researchers, birds expert. The program touched several topics, such as waste reduction, environment’s protection, composting techniques, plastic-free lifestyle, renewable energies, etc.

Read the full report (in Hungarian).


The jury member of this category is Franc Bogovic, a member of the European Parliament.

Curious to know more about the Awards Ceremony? We have more surprises coming soon for you!