WAITING FOR THE AWARDS | The finalists of the Citizen(s) category

Let’s discover the three finalists of the Citizen(s) category!

  • Elves Circulating Program implemented by Ildikó Szabó Bozókiné, in Hódmezővásárhely

The knowledge of the comprehensive “Climate elves circulating program” activities throughout the year was systematized in several layers within the framework of the program, thus promoting engraving and practice-based knowledge of possible solutions. She made a program booklet that contains the tasks of Climate Elves. Families participated in the programs on average 40 to 50. On the Facebook page of the Climate Elves, the followers could be constantly informed about the programs, tasks and useful advice. The media was constantly present during the European Waste Reduction Week. Waste reduction, prevention quantified – 100 kg of paper collection, 15 bags of clothing collection, 10 bags of the toy thanks to the exchange program. Addressing families and the population for the measurements. Waste calendar, water consumption measurement, ecological footprint measurement.

More: www.facebook.com

  • RE-think: REuse, REduce, REcycle! implemented by Science Reactor, in Athens

During the EWWR, an innovative event was created by the original group “Science Reactors” in order to increase public awareness on waste reducing, to change the way we think, act and consume and to promote Reuse-Reduce-Recycle actions towards the establishment of circular communities. The event was divided in six complementary sessions, including:
• Live performance: A dynamic stand-up science performance was given by seven young scientists of the group Science Reactors that presented in a humorous way a selection of targeted topics relevant to the objectives of the EWWR. • Oral presentation: Fashion industry good environmental practices. • Live exhibition: with the slogan “LET THEM LIVE AGAIN!” presented best practices of socially responsible circular economy aiming at reusing/upcycling materials that cannot be recycled and at transforming them into beautiful objects for our daily life.

The event: https://sciencereactors.gr

Photos and video of the event (in Greek and English): https://drive.google.com

  • Zero Waste Walking Tours implemented by Zero Waste Nederland, in 17 cities of The Netherlands

During the European Week for Waste Reduction, on Saturday 20 November 2021, they organised Zero Waste walking tours and bicycle tours in cities throughout the Netherlands. They organised Zero Waste tours in 17 different cities in The Netherlands simultaneously. What was the plan? 1) A local host or a duo guided the Zero Waste Walk visiting locations in their own city or neighbourhood. Together with the group the hosts visited places they know well and enjoy. This gave them the best tips and inside information! 2) They visited a minimum of 5 locations each tour with various focus points, such as: buy in bulk / dry foods, fresh supply / deli / vegetables, lunchroom / coffee place. 3) The focus was to show participants how they can start their low waste lifestyle, and to support sustainable entrepreneurs who really deserve to be connected to people from the Zero Waste community. 4) They closed the tour with more time for interaction and mutual inspiration over a delicious cup of coffee or lunch.

Video: www.voxweb.nl

The jury member of this category is Franc Bogovič, member of the European Parliament.