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Beno Zupančič Library Postojna, Trg padlih borcev 5, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia

As the holiday season draws near, embracing the joyous spirit of December comes hand in hand with a sobering consideration — the significant generation of waste during this festive period. Recognizing this concern, the Locals – Association of local arts center, Beno Zupančič Library Postojna and Hortikultura are taking a proactive step by organizing an engaging workshop. The focus of this workshop extends beyond the merriment of the holidays; it aims to address the pertinent issue of waste, specifically through the creation of Christmas tree decorations crafted from discarded materials, with a particular emphasis on packaging. The workshop aligns with the activities — creating decorations from waste — conducted by educational institutions in the Municipality of Postojna throughout the entire European Week for Waste Reduction, emphasizing the collective commitment to sustainability.

The primary objective of this initiative is twofold. Firstly, it seeks to bring attention to the often-overlooked challenge of waste management that escalates during the holiday season. Secondly, it endeavors to stimulate creative thinking among participants, encouraging them to explore innovative ways to curtail and repurpose waste. Beyond the workshop, the intention is to inspire participants to adopt sustainable practices in their holiday celebrations. The decorations created during the workshop serve as tangible reminders of the potential beauty that can emerge when waste is viewed as a resource rather than a burden, and these eco-friendly adornments will grace the trees which will line the main street in Postojna during the festive season.

Organised by Locals – Association of local arts center, Beno Zupančič Library Postojna and Horticulture.

More information: https://www.postojna.si/