The results of the survey are out!

The European Week for Waste Reduction is a big, noisy, international, and colorful family! Behind thousands of actions organised every year, there are thousands of people that decide to be part of this movement and take action to prevent waste. We wanted to give you a recognition of your great job and we invited you to fill out a survey and get a personalised certificate. That document attests that you are part of the EWWR family and that you contributed to spreading our message of waste reduction.

In a few days, we received a request from more than 100 people that, through the survey, shared some information about their actions. We had fun collecting the data and you can find the most interesting results below. The 2022 edition of the campaign had more than 16.000 registered actions. The data described below are not representative of the 2022 action but are based only on the answers of the 114 respondents by February 2023. 

1) The most active city is Zaragoza!

10% of the respondents organised an action in Zaragoza. Other active cities are Athens and Porto.

2) The most active category is Educational establishment!

Schools and educational institutions always participate with enthusiasm in our campaign (39%). Another key category has been the one representing Public administrations and organisations (28%).

3) More than 28.000 people were involved in the organisation of the actions!

Among the 100 actions that participated in the survey, more than 28.000 people took part in the organisation of the EWWR activities. Often, the organisation involved students and teachers.

4) Almost 132.500 people participated in the actions!

The 100 actions that participated in the survey managed to involve more than 132.500 people. Among them there were many students or consumers that visited the business involved in the action.

5) 68% of the actions organised a collection!

The majority of the actions that organised a collection were inspired by the 2022 thematic focus: textiles. Within the actions, action developers collected different kinds of textiles (unused clothes, uniforms, old clothes, curtains, sheets, blankets, textiles from buses, carpets, etc.) to be donated, reused, upcycled, resold, and repaired. Other actions focused on the collection of broken electronic devices, books, toys, PET packaging, etc.

6) EWWR actions have long-lasting impacts!

In the EWWR campaign, the long-lasting impact of the actions is always a key element that characterises the best-implemented actions. 53% of the action developers that participated in the survey assessed that their action will continue during the whole year. Furthermore, 69% of the action developers are planning to replicate the same action (or a similar one) in the next edition of the campaign, and 21% are considering it.

7) Facebook is the most used communication tool to promote EWWR actions!

The EWWR is officially active in many social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 39 action developers used Facebook to promote their actions. Also, the website has been an important tool to disseminate the actions, together with Instagram and traditional posters and flyers.

8) You rated the EWWR with very high marks!

In the survey, the respondents had to evaluate from 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) three main aspects of the EWWR: the registration process, the coordinators’ support, and the thematic communication material. For all three topics, we got very good marks: 4.47, 4.55, and 4.53. Thanks a lot for your support and for keep encouraging us to work even harder for the EWWR campaign.


You can still participate in the survey and get your certificate: follow this link!