Meet the winner and the runners-up of the #EWWR2021PhotoContest

We are very happy to announce the winner and runners-up of the EWWR2021 Photo Contest!

1. “TIREFRAME” by Argonauta

The winning picture is “TIREFRAME” by Argonauta. The photo respected all the rules of the contest and scored the highest for aesthetics and originality of the picture. Argonauta is an NGO from Murter (Croatia) that contributes to sustainable development through innovative solutions in natural and cultural heritage. Through the action “Buzzing to food – Buzzing to knowledge”, they restored the children’s playground placed on a local beach. The place was restored with reused tires painted and decorated in different ways.

This will become the new cover photo of the EWWR social media channels and of the EWWR website!

2. “Circular adventures in climate change” by Klímanócskák

The photo by Klímanócskák, who took part in the EWWR 2021 with the action “Circular adventures in climate change”, represents the possibilities of giving new uses to objects through small environmental enthusiasts. “Klímanócskák” is a Hungarian attitude formation program for preschoolers and elementary school students and it aims to reduce waste caused by our consumption.

3. “Zero Waste Walking Tours” by Zero Waste Nederland

The photo that has received the third best score shows another way to shop without using waste. Zero Waste Nederlands represents thousands of Dutch people in the zero waste movement. More than 140 people took part in its action “Zero Waste Walking Tours” who discovered how to shop with less plastic, visited shops where they can use their own containers and bags, and met other people who also like to use less waste.

We would like to congratulate with the winners, the runners-up, as well as all the participants. Have a look at all the photos of the contest in our EWWR 2021 Facebook album. See you in the next edition!