Less-waste readings for your winter holidays

The end of the year is the moment where lights, colorful advertisement, discounts and 3×2 offers push and reinforce the culture of over-consumption. You have the power to take this as an opportunity to embrace a less-waste lifestyle with renovated enthusiasm and confidence. Here you have a list of interesting readings to embrace a sustainable lifestyle that will inspire you to avoid over-consumption in favor of less-waste and circular habits:

Avoiding Fast Fashion: How to Get a More Sustainable Wardrobe – Adriana Lopez, Porch – Did you know that humans are consuming a whopping 400% more clothing today than they were 20 years ago? Do you want to learn how to avoid fast fashion by buying more sustainable clothing?  Keep these clothes buying and eco-fashion tips in mind when shopping for a new wardrobe such as buy durable clothing; purchase second-hand clothing; or make your own clothes.

Rethink Wrapping – North London Waste Authority – Have you have ever thought about how a roll of neat, new Christmas wrapping paper so quickly becomes scrunched up waste ready for the bin? A lot of wrapping paper can’t be recycled because it is plastic-lined or has glitter stuck on it, which is also made from plastic, or excess sticky tape. Check out these sustainable gift wrap ideas!

Food waste vs. plastic waste – which is worse for the environment? – Zero Waste Scotland – Did you know that sending just 1kg of food waste to landfill produces the same carbon emissions as landfilling a staggering 25,000 500ml plastic bottles? There’s a definite knowledge gap when it comes to the environmental impact of wasting food. The answer is simple, start small! Read the top tips to get you started.

The grease and cheese study that proved pizza box recyclability – Pete Durette, Greenbiz – Most consumers believe pizza boxes are not recyclable. Ask your average pizza eater and they’ll likely tell you the boxes need to be trashed due to the residue left behind from grease and cheese. The result is far too many pizza boxes in landfills and not enough in recycling facilities. Discover the results of the study!

The EWWR Secretariat wish you very happy Winter Holidays and a 2022 filled with joy, hope and inspiration to continue the fight against waste!!