Last minute inspirations to join the EWWR campaign!

Are you still hesitating on which kind of action to organise during the EWWR? Don’t worry, we all have been there. Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to come up with the best idea ever. During the last Coordinators meeting, we asked to our Coordinators to provide some tips and ideas to guide action developers in the organisation of impactful waste reduction actions. Here is the result of that brainstorming! Get inspired and involve your community! 

Public Administration 
  • Give the good example! Use green public procurement to encourage packaging reduction and sustainable packaging alternatives for public services and institutions. Commit to this during the EWWR campaign. 
  • Education is vital! Show the commitment of the city to support green projects in the local schools and to involve students in awareness-raising activities to say no to unnecessary packaging. 
  • Talk to your costumers! Include educational inserts and info on the impact of packaging in your business/shop/website. Use the EWWR material! 
  • Share tips with your colleagues! Start a challenge with your colleagues encouraging them to reduce take away packaging and to bring their own containers and cups at work. Even provide some that they could use if they forget their own sustainable alternative. 
  • Make your event zero packaging! Show your commitment by adopting a sustainable and circular approach in your event. What is it banned? X Single use, X plastic cutlery, X food waste… Don’t forget to be ready to manage a relevant quantity of food leftovers. Share it with the colleagues, organise a lunch all together the day after, bring the food to a charity association. 
  • Spread the knowledge! Organise a webinar inviting local associations that are active in promoting circular approaches and solutions. Nothing must be invented from zero, you may just have to look around of you and find the answers. Working in community will help! 
  • Is it really necessary? Report the absurdity of packed fruit and vegetable. Share pictures about the unnecessary packaging that still invades our supermarkets. Get inspired by our October campaign #whyoverpackaging.
Educational Establishments 
  • Schools meet their community! Involve students in an awareness-raising campaign targeting their local community. Organise small sit-in in public spaces to talk with local inhabitants about the impact of packaging and how to reduce packaging waste. 
  • The packaging diary. Use the EWWR material to engage pupils in a collection of data about their own daily packaging. They could draw or take a picture of the packaging they bring at school everyday, analyse it and then find alternatives to do better week after week. 
  • Winter clean-ups! Organise a clean-up in a public park or abandoned area. Analyse the packaging found and let the students use creativity to transform such a horrible waste in a piece of art that will always remind them that packaging must be reduced. 
  • Speak up! Share your concerns about the amount of packaging around you on social media, on radio, newspaper. Demand for change at your local political institutions. 
  • The less the merrier. Challenge your friends to cook a meal for a dinner buying as less as possible packed products. Ask everyone to take pictures of their shopping and select the winner. The prize? Well, a nice dinner with your friends is never a bad idea. Between pasta and salad, discuss about the main difficulties your encountered during the challenge. 
Download the infographic here!

A final message we would like to share with you is to act in your community! Speak up! Share! Involve more people in your fight for waste reduction. A personal behaviour change is great but the impact this can have if shared is much stronger. Join the movement and do not stop sharing your achievements! 

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