If it’s broken, repair it! Together it’s easier!

Your phone is broken… again! How many times did you end up in this kind of situation with your electronic devices? It seems the more convenient solution is to buy a new shining device and get rid of the broken one. But, is this the best option? Today, we will show you that an alternative exists.

The Restart Project is a people-powered social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics. They organise the Restart parties, free community repair events where volunteers help people to fix their own broken or slow electronic devices and small appliances, to save them from the landfill.

The Restart Parties are a great opportunity to learn how to take care of our own electronic devices and to meet people that, like us, aim at reducing the production of waste. This sense of community and collaboration is definitely at the base of a transition towards a circular economy where repairing is the first option to consider in front of a broken item.

“Since 2015, when Restarters BCN started its activity as a collective, more than 65 have been organized. This means that more than 450 people have participated bringing their electronic devices to be fixed together with the help of volunteers. In terms of waste prevention, all this activity can be translated into more than 6800 Kg of C02 prevented and more than 550 kg of e-waste prevented. But, as we like to say, “we don’t only fix electric and electronic devices, but our relationship with them”. This is more difficult to prove and show due to the lack of qualitative indicators, but we see with each Restart Party how participants become more confident, happier, and grateful with the volunteers. No matter if they get their device fixed. In the process of trying, they have learnt more about how it works, and have seen and comprehend its functioning. As a result, the initial generosity of Restarters volunteers is contagious and participants end up wanting to explain the experience, spread the word and turn again in the future. In this sense, we not only fix devices and our relationship with them, but we also fix the social and community tissue and the damaged faith and trustfulness with others.” (Blanca from Restarters BCN)

Would you like to know more and organise a Restart party in your community? Check the guide.

Watch the video produced by the Barcelona Restart Project and subtitled in English by the EWWR Secretariat.