Get ready to implement your circular economy initiative

Have you ever tried to type “circular economy” on your browser? A huge (and wonderful) world appears in front of your eyes. There are thousands of videos, reports, interviews, tools and communication material explaining this mainstream topic from every possible point of view. A very heterogeneous but sometimes confusing set of information. How do you select the right knowledge when preparing a circular economy initiative? Furthermore, how do you share the right knowledge with your audience?

The EWWR campaign has already successfully collaborated with the Erasmus+ CEYOU project on this topic. Today, they shared with us their last publication which perfectly replies to the questions above. “Online Resources for your Circular Initiatives” is the title of this new toolkit branded CEYOU. The toolkit is addressed to everyone who wants to implement an initiative following the principles of circular economy. The authors went through the wide range of Open Educational Resources available online and organised them following the different phases of a project implementation: from inspiration, to design and implementation, fitting both individual and group work.

The resources selected are of four types – textual contents, videos, tools and mixed content – and they are marked with different icons in order to enable users to choose the most useful resources effectively.

Give it a try and explore the resources through the 10 phases:

  • Get inspired!
  • Choose your challenge!
  • Brainstorm!
  • Ideate!
  • Who’s your audience?
  • Make a value proposition
  • Hands on a business plan!
  • Circularity check
  • What’s your story?
  • Test it!

Download the CEYOU toolkit here and start planning your circular economy initiative! You could register it for the EWWR by 12 November!