AWARDS CEREMONY | The finalists of the public administration and organisation category

Let’s discover the three finalists of the public administration and organisation category!

  • Bli en förpackningshjälte – Europa minskar avfallet/  Become a packaging hero – Europe is reducing waste implemented by Sysav – waste management company, in Scania (Sweden);

The “Don’t be a Styrbjörn” campaign has effectively engaged students in discussions about recycling, emphasizing that recycling and sorting waste is straightforward. Aimed at young adults living independently for the first time, the campaign provided valuable, new information in a humorous and non-judgmental way, making the concept of recycling more approachable. Younger individuals typically recycle less than older generations and are a challenging demographic to reach with such information. Sysav tackled this challenge by addressing common recycling myths, such as whether packaging needs to be washed (it doesn’t) or if parts of a package need to be separated (they don’t). The campaign also promoted the idea of reusing items. In collaboration with a university and a student housing company, Sysav organized nudging activities, Q&A events, competitions, and shared three myth-busting films on social media.

Case films:

  • Reuse centre and drive for recovery “Reutilizagune”  implemented by Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, in Baque country;

The action revolves around distributing used books collected through a reuse service. This service, known as Reutilizagune, focuses on repurposing objects and items in good condition that people no longer need, making them available for others to use. Reutilizagune also features an assisted repair workshop (Repair Café) to promote a repair culture. Throughout the year, Reutilizagune organizes thematic events in public spaces to increase service visibility and encourage participation. Past events have distributed toys and small furniture; this time, the focus was on used books. Active since 2012, Reutilizagune aims to maintain these spaces to prevent usable objects from becoming waste by enabling their reuse. This initiative provides a second life to everyday items, reducing waste. In 2023, over 15,000 articles were collected, averaging 60-70 items per day, demonstrating significant reuse efforts.

  • Single-use free packaging day implemented by Mollet del Vallès City Council, in Catlonia;

The “Single-Use Free Packaging Day” initiative, led by the Mollet del Vallès City Council, took place at the Municipal Market during the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR). This event aimed to reduce plastic waste at the market and encourage the use of reusable packaging among citizens. The “Mollet Zero Packaging” project utilized a participatory co-creation methodology, engaging various stakeholders. A co-creation workshop with market sellers was organized to understand their usage of single-use plastic packaging and gather their input on needs and concerns. Additionally, students from Aiguaviva Secondary School conducted surveys at market stalls after receiving training sessions on waste reduction. These students also led a campaign to promote the use of reusable packaging among market consumers, offering rewards for participation. An information point was set up at the market to disseminate best practices for waste reduction. In the afternoon, an escape room called “Let’s Escape from Plastics” was organized to further engage participants.

Project’s video:

The jury member of this category is Åsa Ågren Wikström, European Committee of the Regions.