EWWR Awards | Meet the finalists in the public administration or organisation category
  • Eco-learning, implemented by IFAPME, Wallonia, Belgium


A publicly affiliated training and skilling association in Wallonia, IFAPME has made a multi-pronged effort to teach its learners and staff about waste prevention. During EWWR 2019, one of its staff members gave workshops about waste prevention to students of different trades (bakery, catering, butchery) at various IFAPME centres that comprised both general, but also trade specific tips on how to reduce waste. Throughout 2019, the students in the “market garden” section at one of the IPAFME centres devised plans for an organic vegetable garden that was inaugurated during the EWWR 2019. Lastly, the association prepared a cookbook with anti-food waste recipes that was shared with its students, staff and other interested stakeholders.

IFAPME website: https://www.ifapme.be/actualites/lifapme-se-met-au-vert

Training material

Food waste: shorturl.at/rBDE3

Sustainable food : shorturl.at/ksUX8

  • Green habits for a sustainable Labin, implemented by Labin Municipality, Croatia


“Lola saves the world” is the name of the children’s book that Labin Municipality developed in cooperation with early learning experts. Addressed to children aged three to six, the book features a friendly bug, Lola, on a modest mission – that of saving the world, one piece of prevented waste at a time. Lola the bug was also the protagonist of a theatre play and workshop that 280 children attended to learn about reducing waste. Older students from four local schools worked tirelessly to make artefacts from art that were then displayed at the local library. Of the approximately 100 items on display, seven were awarded for their creativity and use value. The entire campaign was promoted through radio shows and spots, TV spots, and posters put up at local schools and kindergartens.

  • “We all participate in waste reduction” – National awareness campaign implemented by the Greek Public Service Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), Greece.


For nine days during EWWR 2019, ERT organised a national campaign to rally support for and raise awareness about waste prevention. The broadcaster hosted discussions about waste prevention during its morning TV shows with experts that also gave the public practical tips; ran TV spots about the EWWR on its four TV channels at peak times; ran radio spots on several channels about the campaign; published an article about the EWWR in its weekly magazine; posted banners about the EWWR on its website; and created a separate webpage about the initiative. The campaign was included in ERT’s corporate sustainability strategy.

Reportage about the action: shorturl.at/tvKV7