EWWR Awards | Meet the finalists in the NGO/association category
  • “Coole Suppe” short film festival for a sustainable eating culture, implemented by Kommunikation und Medien e.V., Germany

Throughout 2019, the organiser of the short film festival promoted the initiative in local media and on social media and invited interested youth to submit their videos. The culmination of these efforts was the short film festival held in the Freiburg Community Cinema on 23 November. There, 29 short films addressing different aspects of cultivating, sourcing, cooking, and eating food were displayed.

The festival covered different film genres: reportages, documentaries,stop-motion films, influencer spots, and satirical shows. The result was a ‘film’ soup that went very well with the pumpkin soup served at the event.

  • The Language of the Sea, implemented by four associations of language centres (ACEIAS, ACEIGA, ACCEI, ACIE) in Asturias, Spain

Organised by four associations of language centres in Northern Spain, this year-long educational project featured in-classroom and outdoors activities. Educational and communications materials, including a sustainability protocol and guides for workshops, were shared with 75 language centres.

On 4 May 2019, some 1,400 volunteers gathered on five beaches to clean up waste and learn about its prevention. A wide variety of actors, including NGOs, media, and public administrations, were involved in the initiative. The communication about the event continued during EWWR 2019, when the organisers held a large-scale event in Avilés for children and parents. A likely follow-up project, “The language of the trees”, will be organised in 2020.

Watch the video presentation of the project.

  • #elmenjarnoesllença (#nowastingfood) Prize: Searching for the heroes and heroines of food waste reduction, implemented by Fundació Espigoladors, Catalonia, Spain

The #elmenajrnoesllença (#nowastingfood) prize is an umbrella initiative through which Fundació Espingoladors has promoted the prevention and reduction of food waste for over five years. Over the years, younger and older students have been motivated to create illustrated story books, videos with tips, music videos, and to raise awareness on social media about the topic.

During EWWR 2019, the organiser held an astounding 83 workshops about food waste preventions in 37 Catalan towns, thus engaging over 2,200 students! It also launched a social media campaign – #5anysdePremi (#5yearsofPrize) in order to boost the visibility of the initiative.