EWWR Awards | Meet the finalists in the business/industry category
  • Launch of a circular economy for medical aids in Haute-Saône implemented by Mutualité Française de Haute-Saöne

The Mutualité Française de Haute- Saône, a social and solidarity medical insurance company, has joined forces with two partners: the APF France handicap delegation from Haute-Saône and the Ress’urgences resourcery repair enterprise to launch a service to collect, clean, disinfect and repair used medical equipment like wheelchairs, standing aids and walkers.

The three goals of the action include: environmental benefits resulting from averted waste and material reuse; social benefits stemming from ensuring easy access to medical equipment for those with limited means; and benefits related to economic solidarity, stemming from job creation for those with limited employment opportunities. On the occasion of EWWR 2019, the partners prepared a video explaining the initiative.

  • Family Fun Fair, implemented by Stars’n’Bars, Monaco

Marking Monaco’s first ever participation in the EWWR, the local restaurant Stars’n’Bars organised a host of activities in collaboration with other local actors in order to sensitise the old and the young to the importance of waste prevention.

Among them were the creation of a giant graffiti; workshops about recycled art; a fashion show featuring up- and recycled items; one-hour hop-on experiences on waste collection trucks to educate citizens about the life of waste collectors; DIY workshops for sustainable cleaning products and toiletries; seasonal food planting; the signing of a pact committing to a zero-waste Christmas; and a one-hour live radio show about waste prevention.

Watch the video presentation of the action.

  • Act different, Rethink!, implemented by Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta S.A., Asturias, Spain

Working with the waste hierarchy, CAPSA overhauled its entire operations and engaged in months-long communication in order to promote waste prevention. The dairy company redesigned its packaging of ingredients and chemical products, changed roll materials to avoid wasting cardboard, optimised the efficiency and control of its production, engaged in a company-wide effort to repair the equipment used by staff, gave workshops to its suppliers, and communicated its efforts online and in person to staff, suppliers, and customers.

The results of the initiative are impressive. Some 96% of the waste generated in its operations is now transformed into new materials. And 1,000 employees and their families (approx. 3,200 people) and over 60 suppliers have been informed about waste prevention, as has the 55% of the Spanish population that purchases its products.

Watch the video presentation of the action.