Discover the 10 key words to embrace a circular transition for textiles

As registrations for the 2022 edition of the EWWR are now open, some actions, focused on the annual topic of textiles, have been already registered. This is a great sign of the growing interest in this topic. While diving into the several resources available online and the exciting campaigns building a circular transition for the textile and clothing sector (we have collected some on our thematic page, do not miss them!), we came across specific topics that can form the knowledge base of the actions on Circular and Sustainable Textiles. We decided to collect the 10 most important words in a short dictionary.

Are you familiar with these terms?

Use the cards to arouse your curiosity and learn more about sustainable and circular textiles. By sharing this knowledge with others, you will be able to raise awareness about the huge impact of the textile sector on climate change and also on how each of us can contribute to reducing the waste produced by this sector.

Make it fun!

This is not all! Since we believe that gaming is sharing, we have created two different ways to use the cards of the dictionary (Find the couple! and Team competition!) which you could use to engage young people (but not only) during your action on textile. The first game will require printing the cards and the players will have to find for each word the right definition. How is your memory? Will you find all the couples? Read the instructions here. The second game is totally digital and it uses a PowerPoint presentation, so you may need a projector. It will be a great team activity to implement during your action. Which team will get more points? Find the instructions to play the digital game here.

Share the cards on social media!

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