Circular voices: podcast series on waste reduction
The EWWR Secretariat, in collaboration with ACR+, created a new podcast series on waste reduction to celebrate the 13th edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction. The podcast collects some good practices, inspiring ideas, effective actions and several tips to reduce your personal waste production day by day. The speakers? Citizens of Europe and beyond. Now it’s your turn, let us know how you act for waste reduction in everyday life by leaving a comment under the videos on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (let’s try to make them interact!).
6 episodes with different topics:
  1. Youth in action for waste reduction. The first episode is focused on the point of view of the future, but also big protagonists of the present, of our society: young people!
  2. Learning from the past. In this second episode we will get inspiration to act on waste reduction by learning from the daily habits of the past.
  3. Food waste, no thanks! In the third episode we will hear from people involved in the food sector and get some tips on how to reduce waste in our kitchen.
  4. Buy circular: refuse over-consumption. In the fourth episode discover some good habits that everyone should keep in mind when buying any kind of products. One common mantra: if you want to buy something new, ask yourself 3 times “do you really need it?”
  5. Day by day habits to reduce waste. In the fifth episode discover several inspiring ideas and actions that everyone can take in their daily lives to reduce waste and take action to make the world circular.
  6. Say yes to sharing and donating. The sixth and final episode is about donating and sharing instead of owning and keeping unused objects in our houses.

Keep following the Eeropean Week for Waste Reduction and take actions for a more circular and less-waste world! ????