AWARDS CEREMONY | The finalists of the Educational establishment category

Let’s discover the three finalists of the Educational establishment category!

  • Green Bake Sale implemented by Student Council of Athens College, in Athens;

The “Green Bake Sale” at Athens College, showcased a holistic approach to sustainability involving students, teachers, and the school community. Held on 23 November 2023, this event aimed to foster environmental consciousness and celebrate Thanksgiving. Led by the Student Council, the English Department, and environmental clubs, the event featured homemade treats with locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. About 600 students, 1000 parents, and 56 teachers participated, with feedback being overwhelmingly positive. The event successfully minimised waste, generating only 10kg of waste packaging. Additionally, it made a charitable contribution of 300 euros to the Karditsa Philanthropic Club to support flood-affected stray animals.

Event’s video:

  • Plásticos en Salinas implemented by IES Salinas, in Salinas (Castrillón);

“Plásticos en Salinas” is a project involving 4th ESO and 1st Baccalaureate students focusing on plastic waste impact, particularly on coastal areas. It includes:

  1. Beach Clean-up: Students, accompanied by teachers, collected waste and sand samples.
  2. Waste Identification: Materials were sorted, identified, and classified at school.
  3. Indoor Exhibition: An exhibition in the school hall raised awareness about the issue.
  4. Outdoor Mural: Waste was used to create a mural depicting ocean pollution scenes.

Around 90 students participated, and the exhibitions reached the entire school community. Approximately 15 bags of waste were collected from the beach, and recycling rates at school increased significantly since the project began.

Project’s video: (Please, activate English subtitles option available) 

  • Towards an almost plastic-free school implemented by Julien Gracq Secondary School, in Beaupréau.

The Zero Plastic project at Julien Gracq School began in 2022 as part of the government’s E3D initiative. It aimed to reduce plastic waste by raising awareness among students about its environmental and societal impacts. Activities included educational programs, scientific studies on plastic pollution, and awareness-raising initiatives like clean walks and clothes swaps organised by eco-delegates. Over 18 months, nearly 300 students participated in waste reduction measures, with the elimination of disposable cups being a symbolic success. Consumption remained unchanged as users embraced the change, understanding its significance.

The jury member of this category is Ekrem Sahin, from Youth Express Network.