AWARDS CEREMONY | The finalists of the Citizen(s) category
Let’s discover the three finalists of the Citizen(s) category!
  • Dou-te se vieres buscar! (I give it to you if you come to fetch!) implemented by Raquel
    Cardoso, in Porto;

The community Dou-te se vieres buscar! counts on 17,000 members, to implement environmental and social activities. They receive textiles, furniture, food and actual human support to contribute topromote social actions. For the EWWR, they launched the “Bingo do Membro”, translated means “Member’s Bingo”. They created a bingo card with 18 numbers. Each number had a specific sentence on recycling, upcycling, and sustainability. They posted 2 numbers a day. To win, the members of the group had to demonstrate what the sentence was saying. Thus, if the sentence was “I recycle”, the members had to comment saying they recycle and post a picture to prove it and so on. The prize was different for each number, for instance a voucher for doing shopping in a market.


  • Repair Café Talheim implemented by District Office Heilbronn, waste management division in
    cooperation with the Citizens and LebensWerkstatt Talheim, in Talheim;

Repair-Cafés are voluntary meet-ups, in which the participants can repair broken things on their own or together with others. That way, committed citizens can take a stand against careless disposal in our society and conserve valuable natural and human resources, as it allows for longer usage of goods. With the start of the EWWR, the focus in November 2023 of the Repair Cafè of Talheim was on textiles. The peculiar aspect of this Repair Café is the collaboration with the LebensWerkstatt Talheim, which is a workshop where disabled people can find jobs in the region. The Repair-Café has also become a model project. Since its establishment, many other repair cafés have come to be, establishing a network of different Repair-Cafés in the region in which everyone can support each other and help each other out.

  • UPSY-Unique planet Sustainable Young implemented by Francesca Passeri, in Parma.

Impact, responsibility, creativity. These are the three key words that identify the action that the fashion upcycler Francesca Passeri organised in Parma. The action on textile circularity was supported by various schools and targets, middle schools, vocational training institutions, high schools, and professional technical institutes. The action started from a challenge: students were called to collect second-hand garments in denim fabric, one the materials that generates more environmental impacts according to the data related to mass-production and fast fashion trends. Francesca Passeri wanted to work both on environmental and social responsibility, considering her strong commitment as promoter of the GoodClothesFairPay campaign of Fashion Revolution Italy. She involved a young local artist, Sebastiano Furlotti, who is familiar with the use of fabric pieces to build tapestries-works. In fact, all the collected garments have been used by him, designed, and reassembled in a unique piece of art. The piece has been presented for the first time during the EWWR Italian press conference at Ecomondo: Francesca Passeri showed Sebastiano’s dynamic puzzle of ideas, made by denim materials, that composes the face of a young non-EU worker, a symbol of child labor.

The jury member of this category is Franc Bogovič, European Parliament