AWARDS CEREMONY | The finalists of the Business / Industry category

Let’s discover the three finalists of the Business / Industry category!

In-Pack-To implemented by DuPont Asturias, in Carreño (Spain);

DuPont’s packaging buy-team has undertaken an initiative in line with the company’s core value of Protecting the Planet. This initiative involves optimising and redesigning their global packaging portfolio to enhance its environmental sustainability. The “In-Pack-To” initiative emphasises the impact of assessing DuPont’s industrial packaging from a sustainable perspective. To demonstrate their commitment, they’ve set up a booth featuring samples of their sustainable packaging products, allowing attendees to interact with and observe recent upgrades firsthand. Additionally, they’ve introduced a virtual quiz to further engage participants, awarding prizes to winners of a sustainability contest. This comprehensive effort encompasses various aspects of industrial packaging, including pallets, plastic products (such as bags or strapping), and IBCs or aluminum tubes. The optimisation projects presented encompass modifications to the composition of packaging products, as well as considerations for reconditioning and reuse of elements or components.

Check the video: (Please, activate English subtitles option available) 

May the R-power be with you and be a superhero! implemented by MiReHu Nonprofit Ltd., in Miskolc (Hungary);

This complex educational program focuses on the Rs of sustainability and waste management, in line with the European Union directives. It encompasses various actions, both online and/or physical, aimed at reducing and preventing packaging waste production and promoting a circular economy. Key elements of MiReHu’s program include “Be a superhero!” where participants become volunteers and undertake missions during the EWWR, a creative costume competition for kids using packaging waste, “R-park” providing a unique circular experience to rethink packaging waste, “Photoshock wall” a marketing action to raise awareness about overproduction, and initiatives like “Zero Waste on Ice” and “P2P – RePACKbag” promoting reload and repurpose approaches to packaging waste.

The R-park and the ‘Be a Superhero’ action’s introduction video with English subtitle:

The R-park with the community space:

R-park video with short description about that this is a unique all-round circular park what was inspired by the thematic focus of the EWWR 2023:

Ocean Guardians: Unpacking the Ocean’s Message on Packaging implemented by Malta National Aquarium, in Qawra (Malta);

During the week, the company undertook three key initiatives to raise awareness about packaging waste in marine environments. Firstly, they displayed jars filled with various packaging waste types around the aquarium, accompanied by informative screens to educate visitors. Secondly, they introduced Trashia Packington, a mannequin adorned with packaging waste, along with a thought-provoking display to highlight the unnecessary impact of packaging waste, which was also shared on social media. Thirdly, they organised special workshops for school outings, focusing on packaging, recycling, and environmental impacts, with a specific emphasis on marine habitats, including role-playing activities. Additionally, educational content, including quizzes and posts, was shared on social media platforms throughout the week.

The jury member of this category is Maria Vera Duran, European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC).