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This action marks the launch of the new and improved shopping bag tree in Saku Selver which is the largest local grocery store.

The shopping bag tree is a tree adorned with reusable fabric bags, available for shoppers to use instead of disposable bags. Visitors can freely take a bag from the tree for their shopping needs, and they are also encouraged to contribute additional bags to the collection. After use, individuals can either return the bag to the tree or keep it permanently.

The primary goal of the shopping bag tree is to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and promote reusability. Often, people forget to bring their own bags when going to the store, leading them to purchase disposable plastic or paper bags. The shopping bag tree mitigates this situation. Additionally, individuals can take a reusable fabric bag from the tree for long-term use, avoiding the need to buy a new one from the store. This approach encourages maximizing the utility of each fabric bag, as using a fabric bag at least 840 times would equate to the ecological footprint of a single-use plastic bag. The environmental friendliness of a fabric bag is realized through its repeated use.

Nowadays, fabric bags are often given as souvenirs, leading to households accumulating several of them. Typically, only one or two of these bags see regular use. While fabric bags are perceived as environmentally friendly souvenirs, in reality, a significant portion of them remains unused, failing to serve their purpose and, therefore, proving environmentally detrimental. With the shopping bag tree project, we provide people with the opportunity to bring their unused fabric bags to the bag tree, giving these bags a chance for renewed purpose.

The new shopping bag tree is part of the project “Jäätmetekke vähendamine ja ringmajanduse soodustamine Saku vallas” which is co-funded by the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre (EIC). Read more here.


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Juubelitammede tee

Action Developer

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Saku Municipality
# Administration/Public Authority

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Email:, phone +372 5474 0111
Facebook: Saku Vallavalitsus


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