HSBC Malta Foundation’s Sustainable Clothes Donation in Collaboration with the Soup Kitchen, Valletta


WHAT will be done


HSBC Malta Foundation, in a collaborative effort with the Soup Kitchen in Valletta, launched an impactful monthly initiative aimed at promoting sustainability, community support, and waste reduction. Recognizing the vital role the Soup Kitchen has been playing since its inception in August 2021, and understanding the increasing challenges faced by the community, the foundation developed a monthly clothing bazaar. An additional day during which clothes and other items will be given away to that that need them on the 24th November  2023 to celebrate European Week for Waste Reduction.

Main Goals:

Community Participation: HSBC staff members have been at the forefront of this initiative, pooling together thousands of clothing items as donations.

Sustainability Effort: Clothing items collected undergo a meticulous sorting process, categorized by sex, size, and appropriateness for varying weather conditions. This practice not only ensures organized distribution but also upholds the principle of reusing and recycling clothing items, which subsequently reduces waste.

Accessible and Regular: The bazaar takes place on the first Friday of each month, ensuring regularity and consistency in its support to the community.

Empathy in Action: The project does not only address immediate needs but also empowers individuals. Whether someone is in search of a suit for an official occasion like an interview or court appearance, or just desires a fresh change of attire for special moments, the bazaar caters to these diverse requirements.

Enduring Commitment: Demonstrating unwavering dedication, the HSBC Malta Foundation envisions the continuation of this bazaar as an ongoing CSR initiative. The core objective is to continuously provide accessible clothing items for those in need while preventing these clothes from being needlessly thrown away.


WHERE it will take place




Archbishop Street
VLT 1444

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. & The HSBC Malta Foundation
# Business/Industry

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Dates of the proposed action:

18/11/23, 19/11/23, 20/11/23, 21/11/23, 22/11/23, 23/11/23, 24/11/23, 25/11/23, 26/11/23


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