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NIRN has a podcast series called Sustainable Conversations. During EWWR it will release a new episode with interviews with varying organisations highlighting and raising awareness of the challenges of packagaing and the activity across Northern Ireland to reduce packaging waste. There will be 6 episodes and interviews will be held with people from the following organisations:

Department for Economy who earlier this year released a draft consultation on the Circular Economy where packaging was identified as one of the focus area and economic opportunities form collection and remanufacture of packaging waste

Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs how have responsiblity for waste management, highlighting work they already have undertaken to reduce packaging waste and plans for the future including deposit return scheme

A local council who deal with collection of waste for households and manages recycling centres to discuss education they provide to their residents on packaging reduction and initiatives they have developed to support reduction in packaging waste in their region

Ulster University outling work they do across their campuses in reducing packaging waste and research work they undertaking ways to reuse packaging

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful (KNIB) – an environmental organisation which encourages schools and local communities to clean up litter. They have recently released a report on Litter composition in NI, highlighting that over 60% of litter is comprised of packaging and the damage and pollution this causes.

A local community group who has a refill shop highlighting the enviornmental and economic benefits to their community by reducing packaging and health benefits in reducing plastic packaing as more information is available about the impact of plastic on our health.


WHERE it will take place


United Kingdom - Northern Ireland


Quarry Road
The Milestone
BT79 9AL

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Northern Ireland Resources Network (NIRN)
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will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

20/11/23, 21/11/23, 22/11/23, 23/11/23, 24/11/23, 25/11/23


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