A set of good practices to foster the citizen involvement

Are you wondering what circular community means or how you can implement the approach of circularity among your community?

First of all, congratulations! It’s very important to start from the right question. It means you want to be involved into making our society more sustainable and reduce the waste production. The good news is that, thanks to your good intentions, you are already part of a strong community that works hard to stop the excessive production of waste. Many people are every day acting at local level to move towards an ecological transition. As we always say, “Every action matters!”

Although the European Week for Waste Reduction involves a wide selection of organisations, such as private companies, public authorities, NGOs and educational establishments, today we want to focus on the involvement of citizens.

Thanks to the support of the EWWR coordinator of Aragon region, we have the pleasure to present the CECI project – Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation.

CECI is an Interreg Europe funded project, which promotes circular economy solutions focusing especially on sharing economy. The key idea is to develop the local and regional cooperation between various actors and at the same time to support the regions to generate such circular economy strategies where citizens play a key role. To do so the CECI project collects and showcases good practices on citizen involvement, related especially to sharing economy services. These good practices are connected to reuse and extending product life cycles, while emphasizing on social sustainability and building community around circular economy. They promote citizen education and raise awareness of how everyone can contribute to circular economy e.g., through various food waste and zero waste campaigns.

All these good practices are collected from the project partner regions. The CECI partnership consists of partners from Finland, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria and Belgium.

Discover more about the CECI good practices and get inspired to build your own circular community for the 2021 edition of the EWWR.