The EWWR family gets bigger! Welcome KIVO Finland

The European Week for Waste Reduction campaign exists for and because of its coordinators and action developers. Over the years, our big family has grown significantly, and we are always thrilled to welcome new members who are dedicated to spreading the message of a less-waste world across Europe and beyond.

We are delighted to announce that a new regional coordinator in Finland has joined the campaign!

KIVO Finland – Finnish Solid Waste Association

KIVO Finland (Suomen Kiertovoima ry KIVO) represents the waste management companies owned by municipalities in Finland. Established in 1996, KIVO Finland boasts 33 member companies and several associate members who support the circular economy.

In Finland, municipalities are responsible for household waste management, specifically biowaste, hazardous waste, and mixed waste. Producers hold extended responsibility for paper, packaging, tires, vehicles, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), and batteries.

The main activities of KIVO Finland include:

  • Development of legislation and regulations for waste management in Finland and the European Union.
  • Initiatives and statements on topics concerning waste management operations.
  • Research and development in the field of waste management.
  • Publishing and advising on waste management matters.
  • Promoting the exchange of information and experiences among members, including organizing exhibitions and training sessions.

KIVO Finland plays an active role in raising the standards of the circular economy and waste management in Finland. The association collaborates with related organisations, research institutions, and environmental authorities. It also advises legislators and policymakers on issues related to the circular economy and solid waste management.

Why Join the EWWR?

KIVO Finland has been presenting the themes of the European Waste Reduction Week in Finland for several years. Previously, Ekopartnerit (EcoFellows Ltd) served as the national coordinator. After EcoFellows Ltd relinquished its national organising duties, KIVO Finland was requested by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment to take on the EWWR role.

  • 2018: KIVO Finland focused on reducing hazardous waste in Finland. In addition to the EWWR campaign, a year-long national campaign was conducted.
  • 2020: In collaboration with the sustainable development company Motiva Oy, KIVO Finland highlighted the waste caused by production under the theme “Invisible Waste.”
  • 2022: KIVO Finland began educating residents about textile waste recycling. The Waste Act assigned the responsibility for recycling textile waste to municipalities. The EWWR theme of “Reducing Textile Waste” aligned perfectly, prompting a national social media campaign on the topic.

Plans for This Year

This year, KIVO Finland has planned measures to prevent food waste. The campaign is conducted in partnership with its members and SYKE (Finnish Environmental Institute). A national awareness campaign aims not only to reduce food waste but also to improve the sorting efficiency of bio-waste. SYKE produces materials emphasizing the importance of properly packaging food to reduce waste.

Welcome, KIVO Finland, to the EWWR family!