Share your EWWR action and take part in our #EWWR2021contest

Have you already registered an action for this edition of EWWR? Do you want to make your action visible and also have the chance to win a ticket to join us in the next EWWR awards ceremony? Take part in the Twitter contest we are launching for the 2021 edition!

To participate, you must first register an action (or more) on our website. So, wait no longer, we are impatient to discover all your inspiring ideas.

Once you have your action, the rules are very easy:

  • Follow the EWWR Twitter account
  • Find your action in the EWWR database*
  • Share it on Twitter until 1 November using the hashtag #EWWR2021contest
  • The action with the highest number of likes will win

*If you register an action in France, Catalonia, Germany or Hungary, your action won’t appear on our database until the start of the EWWR. You can still participate in the contest by creating a Twitter post with a link to your action on your Coordinators’ website.

The prize?

Your action will be showcased in a special spot on our website, but most importantly… you are invited to attend the EWWR awards ceremony. Will you also be one of the finalists?  Good luck!!

On your action, to your Twitter, go!

Are you still hesitating about your idea for the #EWWR2021 campaign? Let us guide you through the challenging topic of #circularcommunities! Check out the 5 tips to plan your action and the 9 actions registered in the previous editions associated to each tip here.

Don’t wait any longer, register your action and take part in our Twitter contest!!