Putting youth at the core of circular economy

Join us at the upcoming event organised by the Erasmus+ CEYOU project, in collaboration with the European Week for Waste Reduction!

On 2nd July 2021 from 10.30 to 12.00 CET time

2019 has been an historical pushing point towards an ecological transition that sees youth as one of the central protagonists. Young people and students from Europe and all over the world took to the streets to demand action to halt environmental damage and climate change. Young people want to be part of this transition and there are many strategies to facilitate the dialogue between youth and decision makers.

The CEYOU project aims to empower young people to take positive actions and initiatives within their local communities, to develop networks and exchange practices at local, regional, national and European levels, in order to promote the transition towards a circular economy. As the first result of the project, the CEYOU partners published a set of guidelines to establish permanent forums of dialogue on circular economy, involving young people in the development of local circular strategies.

The event will be an opportunity to gather successful methodologies to involve young people into the ecological transition and  development of circular communities. For this, the event has been planned as a training webinar of the European Week for Waste Reduction, which will focus on the topic of circular communities.

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