FOIL – CILIFO: EU funds for the revalorisation of forestry waste


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Firefighting Open Innovation Lab – CILIFO (FOIL-CILIFO) is an accelerator of companies and technologies in the forest fire and forest management sector, created in the framework of the Iberian Centre for Research and Forest Firefighting (CILIFO) [leaded by the Adalucia Goverment] and managed by the Finnova Foundation (as one of the beneficiary entities of the project). In this way, “FOIL – CILIFO: EU funds for the revalorisation of forestry waste” is an event about EU funding for firefighting and climate change. It also will serve to analyze the challenges involved in the treatment and management of forest waste and present the benefits of the circular economy in the forest waste sector. In addition, proper waste management is a way to improve the local economy and prevent forest fires. FOIL-CILIFO works on the proper management of forest residues and their recovery to help find innovative solutions that promote adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The event will be focused on opportunities for projects incorporating innovative solutions for climate change, and experts from Finnova will present possible funding opportunities for innovative solutions for forestry waste where there are or have been problems with forest fires.

This event will have an estimated duration of two hours and will feature speakers specialised in European funds from Finnova, as well as representatives from public administrations at different levels and from the different partners that make up the CILIFO project. In addition, several FOIL-CILIFO joined technologies will be invited to participate in the event and disseminate their innovation in the field of the fight against climate change. Conference focused on EU funding opportunities for innovation in the energy revalorisation of forestry waste.

Languages of the event: Portuguese and Spanish (English will be used if necessary).


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Spain - other regions


Torneo Parque Empresarial. Calle Biología.

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Firefighting Open Innovation Lab - CILIFO
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Firefighting Open Innovation Lab - CILIFO


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