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Üsküdar Municipality provides continuous training at schools in order to create a sense of responsibility at young ages about collecting wastes that cause environmental pollution separately at their source, ensuring their recovery, preventing waste, and using resources more efficiently.

In this action, volunteer university students, accompanied by cleaning teams, collected recyclable wastes and brought them to Üsküdar Municipality Waste Collecting And Sorting Facility. Another group of volunteer university students separated these wastes brought to the facility. Volunteer university students, who experienced the separation chain from beginning to end, explained this process to secondary school students who visited the Waste Collecting And Sorting Facility after these activities. Thus, how the wastes decompose and what should be considered in this process were effectively narrated to the next generation in practice.

This action was carried out by taking the necessary safety precautions at the field and at the Waste Collecting And Sorting Facility. Volunteer students used the necessary occupational safety and protective equipment. This action also directly addresses the priority of “Waste Separation and Recycling” from the EWWR priorities  and this year’s thematic focus, “Circular Communities”.


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İstanbul/ Üsküdar
Selimiye, Atölyeler Caddesi

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Üsküdar Municipality
# Administration/Public Authority

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Thematic Focus: Circular CommunitiesWaste sorting and recycling

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