Circular Economy implementation in Sporades Complex – The case of Alonissos Island


WHAT will be done


The proposed action will be held on Alonissos island. Alonissos is selected as one of the 5 insular areas where an integrated waste management system, implementing the waste hierarchy and the new legislative framework on waste management based on the principles of circular economy, will be developed in the framework of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece project.

Two different sub-actions are proposed to be held as described below. Both sub-actions aim to raise awareness of local community on waste prevention, reuse and recycling and in parallel to provide valuable information to local actors for circular economy solutions in insular areas.

Moreover, the proposed actions aim to communicate the significant potential of islands and small communities to develop circular economy solutions by unfolding synergies among local stakeholders, boosting collaboration of locals and improve life on island through sustainable, integrated solutions that make the most out of islands’ competitive advantages.

Various stakeholders from central, regional and local authorities as well as representatives of local economy, local citizens and visitors will participate actively in both events.

Sub-Action A: Local workshop on primary school Circular School Island Communities

Target Audience: Alonissos primary School Community (teachers and students)

An interactive workshop with students will take place. In the framework of the workshop, an introductory informative presentation focused on waste reduction will be given to the school community members. Next, the curators, the teachers and the students will play an interactive game focused on reuse and recycle. At the end of the workshop, the students will recycle old fabrics in order to produce reusable bags and create posters from recycled paper.

Sub-Action B: Open Event

Target Audience: Local Stakeholders and Citizens and General public

At the first part of the event, introductory speeches and presentations will be given by representatives of the project partners as well as from national, regional and local authorities’ representatives. An open discussion with general public will follow, based on the thematic of the event as presented below.

The open event will focus on the following thematic:

  • The role of central, regional and local authorities in the implementation of local circular economy
  • Challenges and opportunities for the implementation of circular economy in islands
  • The scope of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece project
  • Implementation of circular economy in Alonissos. The role of various local actors to shape circular economy community in Alonissos.


WHERE it will take place




Patitiri, 1st Part: Primary School of Alonissos, 2nd Part: Town hall of Alonissos & Live Streeming

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Circular Economy Implementation in Greece LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013, Ministry of Energy and Environment, Hellenic Recycling Agency, Network of Sustainable Greek Islands - DAFNI, Municipality of Alonissos
# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact: 2131513081 (Maria Plati)


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Thematic Focus: Circular Communities

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