#CIRCOAX30: Circular Projects in Fashion and Textiles


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#CIRCOAX30: Circular Projects in Fashion and Textiles 

đź’»Online Webinar

đź—“Friday 25 November

đź•’16:00 – 18:00 CEST

This event is organised by the European project CircularInnoBooster, a partnership of organizations that aim at transforming companies in the fashion and textile industries into sustainable, circular, and regenerative ones. Throughout the last 8 months, they have trained and funded 30 consortia (#CirCoAX30) in the European Union with the acceleration programme CirCoAX.

The purpose of this event is to showcase the Cocreathons’ projects, collaborative workshops based on challenges of the sector as well as the EU Textile Strategy Plan. In these Cocreathons, CirCoAX30 and different entities have explored future alliances and projects, as well as further funding opportunities to make them real. In the webinar, every leader of each Cocreathon project will pitch an innovative solution and compete to win the “CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster Startup Europe Awards.” A prize promoted by the DG CONNECT of the European Commission and implemented by Finnova Foundation since 2016. The final ceremony will be held in Brussels.

Get ready to hear inspiring solutions in the fashion and textile industries! ♻🧶🧵

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Belgium - Brussels


Avenue des Arts

Action Developer

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CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster
# Association/NGO

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You can register for free on👇 https://www.eventbrite.es/e/circoax-by-circularinnobooster-startup-europe-awar-tickets-441083611957


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