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WHAT will be done


I started to apply the 7Rs of Sustainability in my own house here in Malta, during year 2020,  by adjusting my routine behaviour and self decision making to try to reduce the generation of waste.  It is not easy to change my own behaviour which came from my family life since I was a child, but I am managing to keep them ongoing without going back to the original behaviour.  A step by step video was recorded for each change and shared.

For every behaviour that I am changing, I am analysing the impact on cost, time, type of waste and amount of waste generated.  This is being calculated.

The results obtained at home, are then used to calculate the cost, time, type of waste and amount of waste generated on a national scale.

Results obtained from a number of changes will be shared online on Facebook Page – 7R Lifestyle Malta and an online meeting will be organised.


WHERE it will take place




Filippu Farrugia Street
183 'Il-Gnejna' Flat 3,
ZRQ 2260

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


7R Lifestyle Malta
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How can you get in contact:

E-mail - glenygal@onvol.net Mob No. - +356 79277772 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/7RLifestyleMalta You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/user/Glengoth/videos?view_as=subscriber


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

21/11/20, 22/11/20, 23/11/20, 24/11/20, 25/11/20, 26/11/20, 27/11/20, 28/11/20, 29/11/20


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